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New Android App Test

Alright, so the original Android app was a pain in the butt.  The format came out all wrong when they were published, so I wanted to put this post up as a test of the new one.

So if you see weird symbols pop up, it’s not my fault.

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Pen Drawing Self-Challenge: Priestess

Just to pad things out a bit, here’s one result of a challenge I made to myself to practice some sketches completely in pen.  Didn’t turn out terribly.  I kinda like the headwear, and if I hadn’t gotten lazy with the torso this probably woulda turned out a lot better.



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Sketch of the (yester)Day: Marrassameut

I kinda fluctuate between two styles: a more realistic, quasi-American style, and a cutesy, Ben Caldwell/anime-esque cartoon style.  I like to consider the latter my “primary” style, switching over to the more serious one mostly to hit and push the limits of my drawing capacity.  That’s not to say I’ve “perfected” my main art style, mind you – you should see the rest of this page – but when I get it, I like what I have.

Anyway, this character I call Marrassameut, or “Mara” for short.  I was going for a harlequinn-type design, but it seems to have come out more as a geisha/Princess Amadala kinda character.  Wasn’t even trying for the yin/yang shoulder poofs.  I still like the design, but I probably could have invested more thought into the legwear.  Boots, it seems, are not quite my specialty.

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Sketch… not really of the day.

Alright, so I’m kinda cheating here.  Yesterday’s sketch kinda bombed, so I’m using one I did a while back.  But hey, I never showed this one online, so it still counts, right?  Anyway, this is Talla, a dragon warrior-type character from a comic I’m doodling that might or might not actually be made.  You know how I am.  I should really work on my posing and camera work, these things can get kinda boring…

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Sketch of the Day: Tenkyo and Viper

Well… sketch of today and yesterday, anyway. This was drawn on scrap paper I got from work, and I really didn’t expect the stuff from the other side to show through. Oh well.

I’m alright with this picture, but there’s really nothing special about it. It’s an Americanized (Getting into the whole American comic art style lately, I’ve been having fun with it.) Tenkyo from Punk-Pink! and Viper, a character I hadn’t gotten around to introducing. I think Viper’s torso is a bit too long here.

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Sexy(ish) Bast

Just a nice little sketch of a more American-style Bast sitting on a phantom box.  Not sure if the anatomy’s a little weird on this one… it kinda looks like her left leg is a little bit screwy.  It seems proportionate when I give it the “pinch test”, but it just seems a little off.

I also planned on giving her a sexy corset, but kinda chickened out when I decided I liked the anatomy I had going for her and just stuck with a more form-fitting swimsuit, kinda similar to the one she was wearing in the comic.

American Bast, reclining

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A Handy Practice Session

Yesterday I decided to draw a nondescript hand drawing a cool-looking knife.  The knife would be like something out of Warhammer 40K, emblazoned with tiny skulls and biomechanical tubes and crap and being two sizes too big.

The knife… didn’t really happen, but that’s okay.  My main focus was on the hand that was holding it.  Let’s face it, I’m terrible with hands.  It doesn’t make me feel bad saying it, even the guys getting paid to do this stuff have trouble with it.  If you don’t believe me, just check out Google.  Anyway, yesterday I actually had a hand turn out decent.  It wasn’t quite in the pose I was going for, but a learning experience is a learning experience.  After some time with it I started going with visual reference (Which is to say, I ogled my hand as onlookers backed away slowly).

Here’s the not-so-final product, with another hand I didn’t quite have time to finish.

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Just to start things off with a bang, and to test out the photo upload feature, here’s a photo of a sketch of the Joker.  Don’t worry, I do know how to work a scanner, but that’ll come later.

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HapoVille: The Online Portfolio of Leonard Carwile is now live!

While I’m still clearing away the rubble, dusting off the counters, and filling the french fry vats, my art portfolio has officially begun!  … Minus the art, I mean.  We’ll get there before too long.
For those of you who don’t know who I am – and I can’t imagine how or why you managed to stumble into my site – my name is Leonard Carwile.  I’m an artist.  I Like to draw the more fantastic-type stuff, like fantasy and scifi, and my style tends to stretch out pretty far, from cartoon to anime to American comics.  I like to stay versatile.  For those of you who aren’t a fan of anthro, I will have some of that here, but most likely not enough to make you puke pink dog-headed humans.  For those of you who are just so heavily against even the sight of furries that you go into a fit of rage at the mere sight of a human without a human’s head… uhh… sorry?
And yes, for anyone who’s actually seen them, I’m the guy who drew Spyro Advance and Punk-Pink!, the former of which has been lost to time.  Right now, though, I’m between comics, and in the meantime I’ve been working on my artistry, which is what this site is here for.
So,until my next post, I’ll see you guys.  Feel free to drop a comment or two.

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