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Sketch of the Day: Golem, As Seen in the Video

You’ve probably already seen the video, but this was a quick sketch I did for a YouTube commentary.  Not an insane lot to say about it, that aside.

A golem bust shot, drawn for a quick video

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YouTube Drawing Video: The Spinoff Sequel

Well after being forced to settle on a speed drawing, I decided I wanted to do a video and keep the full commentary, regardless of how bad it may turn out, because I’ll never learn otherwise. So, here you guys go!

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Alright, I’m going to post this anywhere. I know it’s kinda stupid, but it’s my first YouTube video AND I’M JUST SO PROUD OF IT. Hope you guys enjoy!


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Sketch of the Day + Big News

Hey, guys!  Sorry I’ve been out for a bit, but I’ve got big news!  Remember that scrapped RuneSpark comic I showed you a while back?  Well, I unscrapped it.  RuneSpark is now live, with a full 5-a-week schedule, which I think is the biggest scale I’ve ever done a webcomic on.  Best part is, even with the updates as frequent as they are, there’s going to be enough free time in the week for me to keep on doing my blog, too!  I know that just makes you squeal with joy.  Anyway, on to the sketch of the day, which is quite related:

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