You’ve Been Expected

… And end with this guy here.   And by “end” I mean I have a Sketch of the Day to add in just a minute, too.  Hope I’m making up for my absence the last couple of weeks!


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Hope you’ve got a plan…

So yesterday?  Two new finished works.  Awesome, right?  RIGHT?  Well, it’s about to get better!  See, there were two others I did that I have yet to upload.  We’ll start with this fellah here:


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This is what happens when boredom and Let’s Plays come together… I start to draw.  Guess I need to get bored and watch MineCraft videos more often, now don’t I?  Anyway, I call this character Rean (“Re-ann”).  She’s a little off-balance… maybe she should take off that PVC piping to lighten her load.

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YouTube Drawing Video: The Spinoff Sequel

Well after being forced to settle on a speed drawing, I decided I wanted to do a video and keep the full commentary, regardless of how bad it may turn out, because I’ll never learn otherwise. So, here you guys go!

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Sketch of the Day: Tenkyo and Viper

Well… sketch of today and yesterday, anyway. This was drawn on scrap paper I got from work, and I really didn’t expect the stuff from the other side to show through. Oh well.

I’m alright with this picture, but there’s really nothing special about it. It’s an Americanized (Getting into the whole American comic art style lately, I’ve been having fun with it.) Tenkyo from Punk-Pink! and Viper, a character I hadn’t gotten around to introducing. I think Viper’s torso is a bit too long here.

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