Bebe Costume Idea

Actually felt inspired to draw something! A bit more of a scuba-y feel for Bebe’s costume to bring it a bit closer to the Gaean quasi-steampunk theme. The goal was to have kind of an early SCUBA suit feel to it.

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Sketch of the Day: The Dangerous Business of Being Cute

This was actually going to be a RuneSpark wallpaper, but I didn’t really use my space wisely… didn’t quite finish it, as you can tell from the lack of Deedee and of Bebe’s legs.  I’ll try it again some other time.

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Scrapped Comic #3.5: RuneSpark, Take Two

And for our final entry, we have basically a second draft of Runespark, which would have been basically a more playful take on the story I already started.  I think at this point I was just burnt out, and the art and story just didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to.

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