Sketch of the Day: Golem, As Seen in the Video

You’ve probably already seen the video, but this was a quick sketch I did for a YouTube commentary.  Not an insane lot to say about it, that aside.

A golem bust shot, drawn for a quick video

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Sketch of the Day #2: Wasteland Girl

And on the flipside (Literally, this was on the other side of the guy with sword paper – consider me environmentally conscious.) we have a more cutesy, cartoony character… who happens to survive off of crispy squirrel bits in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.  I went for the cyllindrical-limb look for this one, not quite sure I got it down pat, though.


Sara Hudson

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Sketch of the Day: Guy with Sword

Today’s sketch of the day (#1… I may add another one in a few minutes here) is brought to you courtesy of Buddy Scalera, who has been putting out, as far as I know, the only comic book photo references, and performed by Loukas Papas.  I changed the light source, and replaced Lou’s head with a more Asian look, because, you know, racism.  (Actually, it’s because I just watched Warrior’s Way, and wanted something along the lines of something out of that movie, but just got really lazy with the “costume” and hair.)



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Sketch of the Day: Cartoon Bast

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and a happy new year! I’ll spare you the cheesy “end-of-the-world” joke and get straight to today’s sketch:

A cutesy, cartoon-ish Bast

A more cartoonish Bast. The smirk she’s brandishing kinda makes her look like Emily from the Corpse Bride. Little bit lop-sided in the chest area, but in my defense one shoulder IS raised a bit higher than the other.

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Sketch of the (yester)Day: Marrassameut

I kinda fluctuate between two styles: a more realistic, quasi-American style, and a cutesy, Ben Caldwell/anime-esque cartoon style.  I like to consider the latter my “primary” style, switching over to the more serious one mostly to hit and push the limits of my drawing capacity.  That’s not to say I’ve “perfected” my main art style, mind you – you should see the rest of this page – but when I get it, I like what I have.

Anyway, this character I call Marrassameut, or “Mara” for short.  I was going for a harlequinn-type design, but it seems to have come out more as a geisha/Princess Amadala kinda character.  Wasn’t even trying for the yin/yang shoulder poofs.  I still like the design, but I probably could have invested more thought into the legwear.  Boots, it seems, are not quite my specialty.

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Sketch… not really of the day.

Alright, so I’m kinda cheating here.  Yesterday’s sketch kinda bombed, so I’m using one I did a while back.  But hey, I never showed this one online, so it still counts, right?  Anyway, this is Talla, a dragon warrior-type character from a comic I’m doodling that might or might not actually be made.  You know how I am.  I should really work on my posing and camera work, these things can get kinda boring…

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Sketch of the Day: Tenkyo and Viper

Well… sketch of today and yesterday, anyway. This was drawn on scrap paper I got from work, and I really didn’t expect the stuff from the other side to show through. Oh well.

I’m alright with this picture, but there’s really nothing special about it. It’s an Americanized (Getting into the whole American comic art style lately, I’ve been having fun with it.) Tenkyo from Punk-Pink! and Viper, a character I hadn’t gotten around to introducing. I think Viper’s torso is a bit too long here.

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Just to start things off with a bang, and to test out the photo upload feature, here’s a photo of a sketch of the Joker.  Don’t worry, I do know how to work a scanner, but that’ll come later.

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